One person has yet to claim their share of a $50,000,000 jackpot in Quebec that was split 20 ways.

The winning ticket, which was purchased through the Formule Groupe service, was bought in a mall in the Greater Montreal area. Each share is worth $2,500,000.

The winners include a group of 11 friends, who often play golf or grab coffee together. When Jean-Guy Demontigny saw the jackpot hit $50,000,000, he suggested the group go in on a ticket. Jean-Eudes Gaudreault was the first to check his ticket at 1 a.m. and proceeded to call the rest of the group, which included Albert Theriault.

“I feel good. It gives you a feeling of security, of well-being,” Theriault told CTV Montreal. He wanted his cheque split four ways amongst his family.

The nine other winners are strangers to that group, but they shared their plans for the money in a news release on Friday. Winner André Hardy said he’s been wanting to visit Greece for a long time. Now he can. Josée Frappier said he’ll mostly be investing his money but plans to do some home renovations.

“Enough with the condos!” said Daniel Rivard. “I plan to buy myself a house!”

Loto-Quebec encourages all residents of Montreal’s South Shore to check their tickets for the numbers: 2, 3, 5, 12, 21, 22, 37, and bonus number 19.