A Canadian historian says he is getting close to solving the mystery of what happened to the remains of dozens of missing Canadians who died 100 years ago in the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

Norm Christie, a historian and Ottawa-based filmmaker, says he has nearly pinpointed the unmarked burial location of 44 members of the Scottish Regiment killed who were killed in April 1917.

Christie says he is on a mission to honour the men with a proper burial and a marked gravesite, similar to the Commonwealth cemeteries that dot the farmlands of the French countryside.

"It's not correct that a grave like this should go missing,” he said.

Gautier Jacmain, an interpreter at a nearby First World War museum, said it would be difficult to identify the soldiers and give them a proper burial.

But Christie insists he has identified them all and spoken with family members of a 12 of the 44 men. For the families, he says, “it's still damaging after one hundred years."

With a report from CTV’s Todd Battis in France