Just a month before Christmas, vandals have attacked a tiny New Brunswick church, breaking windows, damaging furniture and trampling on bread meant for communion. They even smashed its piano.

Minister David Haddon says the damage to his church in St. George, N.B., has left many people feeling “a little bit riled up,” but he is choosing to focus on the good that he believes might come out of the heartbreak.

Some good has already happened. After daughter Vicki Haddon posted photos of the damage on Facebook on Saturday, the church received a number of offers for other locations to hold services, help cleaning up and around a dozen different offers of pianos.

“Sometimes you feel like you’re all alone,” said the minister’s wife, Allyson Haddon. “And then when these things happen, you realize that there’s hundreds of people that really feel for you.”

Vicki Haddon posted on Facebook on Sunday noting that, thankfully, a stained glass window, as well as photos and gifts from parishioners who have died, were left intact. “Everything else can be replaced,” she wrote.

She posted another update on Tuesday, thanking people for numerous offers of help cleaning, but said there were so many shards of glass that they planned to hire professional cleaners.

Local RCMP sent a forensic team on Monday to document the damage. Police Sgt. Chris Henderson said officers are working to find out who vandalized the church and will follow all leads.

“Anytime we have an act like this in a community like ours, it certainly shocks the public conscience,” he said.



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With a report from CTV Atlantic’s Mike Cameron