Ocean Spray officials are working with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to investigate a report of a snake found in a can of cranberry sauce.

A woman in St. Catharines, Ont. said she found the snake in a can over Thanksgiving weekend. On Oct. 13, the woman posted two photos of the can's contents to her Facebook page, which has since been made private.

The photos, which show what appears to be a dark-coloured snake twisted among the jellied cranberries, have been shared more than 4,400 times since they appeared on Facebook.

She wrote that she'd sent the creature to CFIA for further analysis, and that Ocean Spray had offered to send her $10 in coupons.

On Tuesday, Ocean Spray told CTVNews.ca that they are working with the CFIA to investigate, and have spoken with the customer several times since the incident was reported.

"We take all customer reports very seriously and were very sorry to hear this customer had a disappointing experience with our product and our brand," Ocean Spray Senior Manager of Cooperative Communications Kellyanne Dignan said.

"This is an isolated incident and all products currently in stores or in homes remain safe to consume."