There’s something funny about some of the money going around a southwestern Ontario community – and it isn’t all that hard to spot.

Provincial police issued a warning Tuesday about counterfeit cash spotted recently in Leamington, Ont.

According to the OPP, several fake $20 bills have recently been spotted in Leamington.

Police note that the currency is “more noticeably counterfeit” than some other fraud attempts because it has large Chinese lettering printed on each side.

Additionally, the fake bills are missing the transparent panes that can be found in legitimate Canadian banknotes.

The Bank of Canada has a dedicated website set up for Canadians to learn how to spot counterfeit currency.


For $20 bills like the ones being passed around Leamington, the site recommends people feel for raised ink on the large number 20, look for a transparent outline around the frosted maple leaf and tilt the metallic portrait of Queen Elizabeth II to watch it change colour.

The bank does not offer specific advice regarding banknotes which appear to have characters from a foreign language printed on them.