A bear in British Columbia found the perfect way to beat the province’s record-breaking heat by taking a dip in a North Vancouver resident’s swimming pool.

Bear in a pool

“It’s just amazing,” said homeowner Tony Diering. “You see funny things on YouTube, but to have it happening in your own backyard...”

Video captured by Diering shows the bear relaxing in the pool on Monday before casually rolling over into the attached hot tub.


The animal, Diering said, got into the backyard by breaking down part of a wooden fence surrounding the property.

Even with B.C.’s high bear population, direct encounters with the animals are rare. But Diering said this is his second experience with a bear in just over a month.

“About a month ago, the bear came and he was helping himself to the bird seed,” he said.

Backyard bear

Diering and his wife aren’t sure if it was the same bear that entered their yard on Monday.

While Diering said the animals are “amazing” to see up close, he is concerned about the safety of nearby residents and the property damage caused by bear break-ins.

Vancouver'sTony Diering finds bear in pool, hottub

“I hope that he’ll just go eat some berries in the mountains instead,” he said.

With a report from CTV Vancouver’s Alex Turner