A Toronto man is trying to make it through the month without spending any money, instead he’s only bartering for the things he needs.

For the last three weeks, Kohji Nagata has fed, clothed and transported himself solely through trades made on the Toronto-based bartering website Bunz. The online trading community has more than 50,000 members in Toronto and has spread to cities across Canada.

“I literally spend no money and trade for everything that I would I need for a month,” Nagata told CTV Toronto.

“I traded a pass at Fan Expo for all this stuff,” he said as he lined up his spoils: an apple, a banana and a bowl of meat pasta.

Nagata said he’s always up for a challenge so he decided to embark on this self-imposed experiment.

He’s swapped everything from old books and comics to his computer skills. He trades mainly for the basics but he’s still having fun with recent trades for alcohol and movie passes.

Nagata has also made it through the month thanks to the kindness of strangers around the city.

“There’s bits of people who have actually come, made food and delivered it to me and wanted nothing in return they just loved what I was doing,” he said.

He’s chronicled his encounters in selfies with strangers and his Feed Kohji episodes. In his second week, he recounted helping people move in exchange for breakfast and coffee and getting invited over for lunch. For some of his final trades, he said he will cut off his long hair in exchange for canned goods.

With one week to go, Nagata said he’s already gotten much more in return than he expected.

“Honestly, it started off as an interesting experiment and it’s kind of shown me the extent of human kindness more than anything else,” Nagata said.

With a report from CTV Toronto’s Scott Lightfoot