A mother in Quebec is speaking out after she says her two-year-old son was attacked by a dog that she believes is a pit bull or pit bull mix.

Cleothilde Lefebvre-Bergeron says she was pushing her son Hugo in his stroller while heading home from a park in Gatineau when the dog ran up and attacked.

“I grabbed the dog, sat on him and screamed my lungs out for someone to come and help,” she said.

“I see my son, I see blood all over my hands wondering if its mine or his, if he still has all his limbs,” she added. “No parent should go through that ever.”

Hugo has wounds on his lip, cheek and arm but is expected to fully recover.

The dog was off-leash at the time of the attack and its owner was not present.

Lefebvre-Bergeron says she wants an apology from the dog’s owner and wants officials to make sure bylaws are enforced.

In Gatineau, dogs from potentially dangerous breeds are required to have a leash and muzzle when not in their enclosures.

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s Annie Bergeron-Oliver