Anger continues to bubble in Alberta after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared to forget the province in his Canada 150 speech on Parliament Hill.

Trudeau failed to name Alberta in a speech that otherwise mentioned all the provinces and territories, but returned to the stage shortly after to apologize for the oversight.

"Let me just say I'm a little embarrassed. I got excited somewhere over the Rockies," he told the crowd on Parliament Hill Saturday. "Alberta, I love you."

The prime minister also tweeted his apologies for the oversight. But it was too little, too late for many of his critics in Alberta.

Some condemned his oversight as rude, ridiculous and an outright insult. Several individuals took the omission as a politically-motived slight, as Alberta traditionally skews Conservative, not Liberal.

Others defended it as an honest mistake.

Most of the comments were resentful, but some even crossed over into aggressive territory.

Social media expert Wade Sorochan says people need to keep in mind that the internet is a great tool for expressing political opinions, but it can be a bad thing to get too worked up over something.

"When it crosses the line into actually personal attacks, I think that's when we need to step back and think about what we're posting," he told CTV Edmonton. "How is it affecting your mental health to be involved in so much anger and hatred?"

With files from CTV Edmonton