REGINA -- No charges will be laid against a doctor over trashed patient files that sent Saskatchewan's privacy commissioner dumpster diving.

The province said two reviews have concluded there's not enough evidence to prosecute Dr. Teik Im Ooi under the Health Information Protection Act.

An investigation began after privacy commissioner Gary Dickson found thousands of medical files in a recycling dumpster behind a Regina mall in March 2011.

Dickson estimated Ooi lost track of at least 2,600 patient files -- only a fraction of which were found in the bin.

He recommended justice officials prosecute Ooi.

The government said the reviews showed Ooi and her staff didn't know the files had been put in the trash bin and the Crown wouldn't be able to prove that she knew her safeguards were insufficient.

Despite numerous breaches, no one has been charged under the Health Information Protection Act since it came into effect in 2003.