Missing: Blind goat.

Reward: $10,000.

A disabled goat named Daisy was reported stolen from an animal sanctuary farm an hour's drive south of Edmonton and her owners are desperate to get her back.

“Who comes onto someone’s property and steals a blind baby goat? You kind of just assume the worst,” Daisy’s owner Melissa Foley told CTV Edmonton.

Foley had taken a quick trip into town to run some errands Sunday and when she got back home she sensed something was off.

“The moment we got to the front gate we knew something was wrong,” said Foley.

Daisy, who became blind after being attacked by crows, is usually quite loud.

“She’s a blind goat who has suffered a lot of trauma in her life, so as a result, the moment she hears any sort of movement or my voice she instantly starts this bleating,” explained Foley.

When she got back from her trip Foley said that she noticed the bungee cord on the gate was tied up differently and the yard was noticeably quiet. When she went onto her property, Daisy was gone.

While Foley does have security cameras on the property the batteries had died a few days earlier.

Neighbours reportedly told Foley that they had seen someone on the property and had heard the dogs barking around 6:30 p.m.

She told CTV Edmonton that she’s called police and notified neighbours and all livestock buyers in the area to be on the lookout for her beloved goat.

“I keep going around the property and walking in circles and thinking, ‘Okay, she’s just here.’ This is just a nightmare,” said Foley.

RCMP said they are investigating the complaint but in the meantime Foley is offering a $10,000 reward for Daisy’s safe return.

She’s also set up a kennel on her driveway and asking whoever took her to drop off the goat, no questions asked.

“We just want her home,” she added.

And Foley isn’t the only one stressed out by the missing animal.

A blind sheep named Merlin is also missing his pal’s presence. Foley told CTV Edmonton that he’s not himself.

“Crying a lot and bah-ing. Just a little bit off,” she said.

Anyone who has any information regarding Daisy’s abduction or whereabouts is asked to contact the Wetaskiwin RCMP.

With files from CTV Edmonton’s Dan Grummett