A massive blizzard could dump as much as 100 cm of snow on parts of Newfoundland overnight, according to meteorologists, leading local residents to start stocking up on supplies.

Light snow began falling early Thursday morning on the Burin Peninsula but soon intensified, prompting school cancellations. By mid-afternoon, falling snow driven by winds created blizzard-like conditions, forcing businesses and banks to close.

In St. John’s, residents began stocking up on supplies, such as bread, eggs and milk, in anticipation of the snowstorm.

Many residents also gathered propane, flashlights, snow blowers, shovels, generators and candles.

The snow is expected to intensify throughout the evening and will be at its peak between 3 a.m. and 8 a.m. on Friday, meteorologist Shawn Allan told NTV News.

Snowfall rates are expected to increase to about 5 cm an hour, while a north-easterly wind could pick up to about 110 km an hour.

The storm has already started to disrupt flights, and police are warning motorists to use caution as road conditions worsen.

At St. John’s International Airport, passengers queued up early this morning in anticipation of flight cancellations. Authorities and airlines rearranged flights and brought in larger capacity planes to cope with the disruptions.