Two young boys are home safe after getting lost in the deep snow near Vernon, B.C., where search teams spent hours looking for them in the frigid cold on New Year’s Eve.

The two brothers, ages 6 and 8, had wandered off into the woods in search of marshmallow-roasting sticks, and became lost when they pursued a deer that passed nearby, Vernon Search and Rescue said.

Vernon Search and Rescue worked with local RCMP, ambulance, fire and volunteers to track and recover the kids, who were found at the bottom of a gulley.

“One child was missing his boots,” search manager Coralie Nairn said in a video. “He’d gotten snow in his boots so they took them off, and (he) was not too mobile.”

Nairn added that the brothers were “both very, very cold” when they were recovered.

The boys were treated for hypothermia and are now doing well, Vernon Search and Rescue.

Vernon Search and Rescue called the happy result a “New Year’s Eve present.”