Drivers and passengers involved in a massive pileup on Ontario's Highway 401 on Saturday are speaking out as new video footage of the collisions has emerged.

Close to 100 vehicles were affected in the pileup just outside of the Greater Toronto Area, with the new video showing a transport truck losing control and spinning as it crashes into several vehicles.

"I saw the death in front of me. I thought, 'Okay I'm not going to make it,'" said Kelly, one driver who had the roof of her car crushed in by a different transport truck. "It's going to be really bad and I'm not going to die in a nice way, it's going to be awful."

Video footage of the pileup shows vehicles losing control and drivers slowing down during heavy snowfall.

According to Environment Canada, a snow band off Lake Ontario brought low visibility and some accumulating snow to the area.

“We were all scared and thanked god that we’re all alive,” said Li Yang, whose car was damaged in the crash.

No one was killed in the collisions, but several people were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

With a report from CTV Toronto's Natalie Johnson