Several Canadian provinces will soon introduce new area codes due to growing demand from customers using wireless devices.

Starting next month the Toronto area will add 437, while Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe will add the code 365.

Saskatchewan will be up next in May – adding area code 639 -- followed by British Columbia with 236.

Alberta is also expected to get a new three-digit prefix.

Last November, Manitoba added an area code, introducing 10-digit dialling.

Growing mobile phone and tablet use prompted the new codes, according to Canadian Numbering Administrator Director Glenn Pilley.

Some of those devices require multiple phone numbers.

Area codes were introduced to enable people to make long-distance calls without having to go through an operator.

The first area codes were implemented in 1947, when there were only nine.

As of June 2013 there will be 36 area codes in service nationwide.

The new codes will come into effect as new phone numbers are created.

Meanwhile, existing codes will continue to be assigned until they run out.

With files from The Canadian Press