KENTVILLE, N.S. - A 38-year-old man in Nova Scotia who kidnapped and sexually assaulted a woman and her mother has been declared a dangerous offender.

Gordon Frank Nickerson of Yarmouth County pleaded guilty in April 2012 to 12 offences including kidnapping and sexual assault in relation to an incident that occurred two months earlier.

Judge Alan Tufts said in Kentville provincial court that Nickerson had planned and deliberately carried out the offences in an uncontrolled manner that was designed to belittle and demean the women.

His written decision says the two women went through a terrifying two-day ordeal when Nickerson bound them with duct tape, repeatedly raped them and threatened them with death.

Tufts describes the crimes as cruel and savage and says Nickerson's past behaviour suggests he would repeat his actions if he is released.

Anyone designated as a dangerous offender may be sentenced to an indeterminate sentence of imprisonment.