A Nova Scotia man who has the same name as a child sex offender says the unfortunate coincidence is costing him work.

Donald Duane Bartlett, a 54-year-old Truro-based contractor, says he’s struggled to find work in recent years and lost at least one job recently due to his name.

“I was supposed to do a roofing job for a lady from Halifax and she called me up to say, ‘I Googled your name and I’m not very impressed,’” he told CTV Atlantic.

After the woman hung up, a friend suggested Bartlett search his name online. That’s when he found out that there is another Donald Duane Bartlett, a sex offender whose name has the exact same spelling.

The other Bartlett, who is 49, was recently released from prison after a sentence for crimes involving child pornography. Halifax Regional Police issued a news release that says he “has a criminal record that includes convictions for sexual offences against children and has been assessed as a high risk to re-offend.”

Const. John MacLeod says police believe it is in the public’s best interest to inform them that the sex offender was leaving prison. MacLeod points out that police issued a photo of Bartlett with the public notice.

Bartlett the contractor says he posted his own photo alongside the photo of the sex offender on social media to try to clear up the confusion but he said some people commented that they look alike.

“I just wish this could get straightened out or whatever so (that) in the future, when people do Google my name, they don’t just come with him,” he said, “you know, that child molester.”

With a report from CTV Atlantic’s Bruce Frisko