It was a packed house at a Baptist church in rural Nova Scotia on Saturday, as family and friends gathered to say goodbye to a woman called “Momma” who left behind more than 300 direct descendants.

Gracie Mae Glasgow died Monday in North Preston, N.S., at age 97. She left behind 14 children, 78 grandchildren, 178 great-grandchildren and 59 great-great grandchildren

During a celebration of life held Saturday at the Saint Thomas United Baptist Church, family told stories about Glasgow, including about how she insisted that everyone call her Momma but no one call her grandmother.

Roletta Wohlgeschaffea, one of her daughters, said that her ever-growing family meant her father found himself frequently renovating the family home.

Wohlgeschaffea added that her mother had worked hard to make sure there was enough money to go around. She recalled her making wreaths and picking blueberries, which she would send her children out to sell door-to-door.

Misty McConico, one of Glasgow’s many granddaughters, said ‘Momma’ encouraged her kin to get involved at church, whether it was attending picnics or choir. McConico recalled that Momma “always had me singing.”