A New Brunswick woman who was seriously injured in a collision 30 years ago has managed to track down the stranger who helped her that night. It turns out the crash transformed his life too.

In 1989, Lisa Richard was 18 years old and driving home from the University of New Brunswick when a moose slammed into the passenger side of the small car she was in with a friend.

She experienced major trauma to her head and face. Her nose and lip were torn from her face.

“Back at that time, there were no cellphones. We were in the middle of the woods between Miramichi and Bathurst,” the musician told CTV Atlantic.

Thankfully a 21-year-old business student, also from UNB, came across the terrifying scene and stopped to help.

He comforted Richard and held her neck in position to make sure she continued breathing until paramedics arrived. She went on to have major surgery.

Last fall, Richard began searching for the man, who partly inspired her song “Uniforms.” After her appeal on CTV Atlantic, a woman approached her at concert in Moncton and offered a tip.

It turns out her hero’s name is Lloyd Harquail, and that fateful night changed his career trajectory. He dropped out of business school and became a paramedic, then a Mountie.

Harquail remembers that night as an “awful mess.”

“I really didn’t think she was going to make it,” he said.

After it happened, he realized that being a first responder was something he was “capable of doing.”

Harquail says he’s happy to have reconnected. “Knowing how appreciative she is ... it’s special,” he said.

“She looks great,” he added. He’s looking forward to seeing her perform in March.

Richard says meeting Harquail again has given her closure.

“It does feel like he was meant to be in my life one way or another,” she said.