Looks like another Canadian city has its own mysterious tunnel.

The owner of the Hat Resto Pub in Edmonton says that he discovered a tunnel in the building's basement.

The pub was constructed in 1908, and it first opened its doors under the name the Golden Spike in 1912, making it one of the oldest eateries in the city.

While there have been many changes on the ground floor, parts of the historic construction have remained intact, including a long-forgotten tunnel.

Mike Bhatnagar is the current owner of the restaurant, and he says he didn’t know about the tunnel until they started doing work in the basement and noticed a strange door.

"I peeked in and then I brought my flashlight, and I kept on going, and I said, 'Oh my, my. What is this?" Bhatnager told CTV Edmonton.

"Is it a tunnel? Is it a crawlspace? Is it a storage space? What is it?"

The tunnel runs under the restaurant and Bhatnager believes it was much wider in the past. He added that it appears as though someone reinforced the sides with soil and cinderblocks.

"I don’t know why. If it was just space, why would somebody bring in the dirt (to) fill this up?" Bhatnager said.

Bhatnager continues to search for the tunnel’s origins. He has contacted the two previous owners, and neither knew anything more.

An official at the City of Edmonton Archives also says there is no record of its construction.

But, for now, the tunnel remains a mystery.

The Toronto tunnel made international headlines in February after a 10-metre long burrow was discovered near York University.

Two men eventually admitted that they were building a "man cave," where they could relax and spend some down time.

With a report from CTV Edmonton's Susan Amerongen