Rolling Stone magazine’s glowing cover story on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau contains some eyebrow-raising errors about Canada, including a mistake that identified the RCMP as the “Royal Canadian Mountain Police.”

The profile is the latest in a series of gushing cover stories about Trudeau in American publications, following on the heels of other features in magazines such as Vogue and Delta Airlines’ in-flight magazine Sky.

Rolling Stone writer Stephen Rodrick compares Trudeau in favourable terms to U.S. President Donald Trump, citing his personal and political styles in sharp contrast to the POTUS.

However, the story also contains some glaring errors and occasionally bizarre descriptions.

“For Trudeau, listening is seducing,” one part of the story reads.

Elsewhere, the author favourably compares Trudeau’s appearance to that of Trump.

“His hair is a color found in nature,” the article says (as though Trump’s flaxen head of hair is so strange). It also cites Trudeau’s partial Scottish ancestry in the way he “swats away Trump-baiting questions with a look that says, ‘Not today, laddie.’”

Och aye, lads and lassies, but that’s just the beginning. The more obvious errors include misidentifying Trudeau’s governing Liberals as the “Liberty Party,” throwing a hyphen in the middle of Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan’s name (“Saj-jan”) and misidentifying the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as the “Royal Canadian Mountain Police.”

The story also says Trudeau’s birth on Dec. 25, 1971, was hailed as “King of the North front-page news,” when it was actually overshadowed by an Air Canada hijacking in Cuba.