DIGBY, N.S. - Fisheries officials say the flood of dead herring washing up on southwest Nova Scotia beaches has slowed.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada says it is monitoring for "evidence of new incidents" in areas where thousands of dead herring have been found since November, and more recently scores of starfish, clams and lobster.

But the department says "most beaches" are clear in a 100-kilometre swath from St. Marys Bay to Tusket, and the dead herring that is being found is in a narrower area between the mouth of the Sissiboo River and Plympton.

The department says on Twitter that there are now fewer fish being found than in earlier reports.

Spokesman Stephen Bornais says the department would not elaborate on the Twitter posts, but he says they hope to have an update in the next few days.

Scientists at several government agencies have performed a battery of tests looking for a cause of the fish kill, but have so far been stumped.