TORONTO - Most Canadian baby boomers surveyed in a new poll say they would work longer to live better throughout their post-work years rather than opt to retire earlier.

The CIBC survey finds that 57 per cent of Canadians aged 50 to 59 say they would prefer to work longer into their retirement years in order to uphold their current lifestyles.

However, the poll also suggests that 24 per cent of Canadian respondents in their 50s plan to carry debt into retirement.

CIBC says that approach could reduce their retirement cash flows and jeopardize plans to maintain their quality of life.

The findings come on the heels of a previous CIBC poll that suggests Canadians in the same demographic have fallen short of retirement goals, with nearly half having saved less than $100,000 for retirement.

Canadians are taking on debt like never before.The latest figures from Statistics Canada show the household debt to income ratio has risen to a record high 152 per cent.