A private daycare in Montreal is under investigation after a delivery truck driver said he was able to enter the premises through a back door and walk around for several minutes without finding any adults supervising the children.

The driver reported the incident to the Quebec Family Ministry and the Director of Youth Protection, which have now launched an investigation.

Jason Kourtis told CTV Montreal he was making a delivery at a supermarket in a mall in the Pierrefonds area on Monday. At the back of the mall he noticed a sobbing little boy poke his head out of a nearby doorway.

Kourtis asked the boy where his parents were and the boy said that he didn’t know.

Kourtis followed the boy and found himself in Les Amis de Pierrefonds daycare, where he says he saw between 15 to 20 kids, some sleeping, some wandering.

“I was calling out if anyone was there. ‘Hello, hello?’ There was nothing. I walked throughout the daycare probably three times, opening all the doors, calling out for people, and there was no one there,” he said.

Kourtis said he thinks he was inside the daycare for approximately 15 minutes without finding a single adult. He made his way to the front and found several adults coming back in, who told him they had been out front hanging up a sign.

One of the adults was the daycare co-owner, Lisa Nicodemo, who said it was her son who had made his way out the back door looking for her. The boy does not attend the daycare.

Nicodemo told CTV Montreal there were adults in the daycare even though Kourtis had not seen them.

“All the children of the daycare were safe and accounted for. It was my child. Should it have happened? No. But it was my child,” she said.

Kourtis was so stunned by the incident, he called the government.

"There could have been a fire. One of the kids could have choked. I could have been someone with bad intentions, just walked in to the back door and kidnapped four kids," he said.

The province’s family ministry and the department of youth protection are expected to report on their investigation in the coming weeks.

With a report from CTV Montreal’s Caroline Van Vlaardingen