An 11-year-old Edmonton boy recently found a slithering surprise when he tried to put on his shoe before heading off to play hockey.

Blake Dahl discovered a small snake coiled in his sneaker on Saturday, and his family says they have no idea how the creature got there.

In a video of the encounter, Dahl leans toward the shoe, then suddenly jumps back, letting out a small shriek.

"It's hissing at me!" he yells from behind the camera.

Dahl told CTV Calgary that, at first, he thought his older brother had hidden a toy snake in his shoe as a prank. But when the boy realized the animal was real, he called his father for help.

Together, they captured the snake in a plastic container.

"We kind of held the shoe and he slithered into it, and then I tilted the shoe so it slid into the heel," Dahl said. "I was thinking, 'Where (did it come) from?' and 'How'd it get there?'"

Dahl's mother, Jodi Dahl, wasn't home at the time of the discovery, but said she thinks the animal may have arrived in a box of food the family had delivered earlier in the week.

"I think I would have been really upset, had I seen it loose and moving around," she said.

When her son called about the discovery, Jodi Dahl says she told him to keep the snake contained until they could figure out what to do with it.

But she arrived home to find the creature settling into a glass aquarium in the living room.

"I told them to put it in a box so we could take it somewhere," she said. "And I get home and they'd built it a home in our living room!"

Blake Dahl told CTV News Channel on Monday that when he came back from hockey he and his family tried to identify the snake's species.

"We were all looking at the snake, and it was a pretty cool experience," he said.

He added that someone was coming to pick up the animal on Monday to bring it to one of his mom's friends who has experience with snakes.

With files from CTV Edmonton