An Ontario mother has shared alarming video footage of a toy microphone that started smoking and exploded just moments after she took it out of the hands of her six-year-old son.

About 70,000 of the devices have been sold in Walmart stores across Canada, and a national recall has been issued due to concerns of overheating, melting and possible explosion.

Jenn Wylie, who lives near Hanover, Ont., says her two children both received Rock Solo karaoke microphones as early Christmas gifts from family members on December 17.

Not long after her in-laws left, Wylie and her husband charged up one of the microphones and gave it to their son, Everett.

“My husband noticed it was smoking,” she says. “I was like ‘Oh my goodness’ ... it was getting really hot in our hands.”

They put it in an empty Tim Hortons Timbits box and threw it outside in the snow, at which point they heard an “explosion.”

“It was an actual bang outside of the window,” she says. “We all raced over to the door and it was just smoking in the Tim Hortons box.”

Wylie pulled out her phone and filmed as yellow and white smoke poured into the air for what she says was five or ten minutes.

She and her husband were “shocked.”

“He’s careless of course – he’s six years old,” she says of her son. “If we weren’t in the same room with him, he would have just left that on, set it down and moved on.”

“It was scary,” she said. “I’m glad we were right there when it happened ... it would have definitely started a fire.”

The Rock Solo Bluetooth karaoke microphone from Tzumi Electronics was recalled through Health Canada on Thursday.

Wal-Mart Canada estimates that 70,000 of the toys have been sold across the country since November 2017 and it was aware of at least three reported incidents in Canada of the toys exploding, overheating or melting.

In an Thursday statement to, a spokesperson for Tzumi Electronics said it withdrew the product from the market out of “an abundance of caution for public safety.”

“This product was pulled from all retailer's store shelves and the product will be destroyed and disposed of in an environmentally responsible and safe manner. Furthermore, we have worked with our Retail Partner and Health Canada to issue a product recall to all consumers which have purchased this product,” Tzumi Electronics said in a statement.