Tim Hortons has pulled an unauthorized Remembrance Day-themed ‘poppy donut’ from one of its Calgary stores, amid concerns that the controversial confection was being used to make money instead of raising funds for veterans.

The doughnut, which featured red icing and sprinkles surrounding a jelly centre, was allegedly cooked up by the baker working at a Tim Hortons in southeast Calgary. It was on display as recently as Nov. 4, but is no longer available for purchase.

Another employee reported the doughnut to head office as potentially misleading, because customers might buy it thinking the money was going toward the Royal Canadian Legion.

The doughnuts are no longer being made and the franchise owner has pledged to match and donate all profits from the ‘poppy donuts’ to the Royal Canadian Legion, a Tim Hortons spokesperson told CTV Calgary.

“As a proud Canadian brand, we have the utmost respect and honour for our veterans,” the spokesperson said.

It’s unclear how many of the doughnuts were sold.

With files from CTV Calgary