An American who sells seminars that purport to teach men how to coax women into having sex was considered so misogynist by Australian authorities that he was kicked out of that country last week. Now, a similar movement is afoot in Canada, aimed at keeping the so-called “pick-up artist” out of this country.

Julien Blanc had his visa cancelled by Australia’s Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison, last Thursday. Morrison told Sky News he made the decision because Blanc “was putting forward abuse (toward women),” and that “those are values are abhorred in this country.”

Now, Blanc is the target of a social media campaign and online petition demanding Canada’s immigration minister prevent him from offering his seminars in Canada in the future.

The petition at asks Canada’s Immigration Minister Christopher Alexander to “Keep Julien Blanc Out of Canada.” It had more than 4,000 signatures as of Monday evening.

And the hashtag #KeepJulienBlancOutofCanada appears to have caught the attention of Alexander, who took to Twitter Monday afternoon in order to reply to the growing controversy.

Here are some of the tweets that used the hashtag earlier on Monday.

Blanc, through his group RSD (Real Social Dynamics), offers a seminar called “Pimp.” On his website,, he writes that he was once shy and unpopular, but eventually learned techniques to get women to sleep with him.

One of the first tactics he ever tried, he writes, was telling women to, “get down on your knees, call me master and beg me to kiss you.” He says such techniques will, “increase (women’s) level of compliance all the way to the bedroom.”

Blanc charges $497 for six months of access to his seminars, his private Facebook group and a ticket to one of his events, according to the website.

RSD’s website says it plans to offer free seminars in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver in 2015. Blanc has delivered seminars in cities like Vancouver and Toronto in the past.

Part of the concern raised by the petitioners relates to disturbing photos and videos circulating online. In one photo from a Facebook page called ‘RSD Julien Offical Fanboy Page,’ Blanc appears to be choking a woman.

In a video, apparently shot at one of his seminars, he says that white men that “can do what you want,” to Japanese women, and he recommends men, “just grab them.”

After that video circulated, thousands in Japan signed a petition asking he be banned there. A similar campaign is underway in the United Kingdom.

Blanc appears to have noticed all the attention. On Monday, the Instagram and Twitter feeds he had long used to promote himself had been set to “private.”