VANCOUVER - The company that announced over the weekend it was pulling the plug on a coal mining venture in northeastern British Columbia after controversy around temporary foreign worker permits now says it hopes to be back in operation soon.

Canadian Dehua International Mines Group says in a news release the company is in intensive talks with its investors to explain the court efforts of two unions to have a judicial review of the permits, among other concerns.

The permits allowed another company, HD Mining, to bring in temporary miners from China, saying there aren't enough workers with the required skills in Canada.

Dehua owns a minor stake in HD Mining, which is using the workers to develop a coal mine at Murray River, not far from the Wapiti River project.

The union is fighting to have the permits revoked.

Dehua says in a statement it has high expectations that business at its Wapiti river project will be back on track as a result of its efforts with investors.