TORONTO – A Milton, Ont. man is Canada's newest multi-millionaire after hitting the $25-million Lotto 6/49 jackpot earlier this month.

Subramaniam Jeyakumaran claimed his winnings from the Oct. 9 draw at the lottery prize centre in Toronto on Friday.

The I.T. professional said he occasionally drops money on lotto tickets but they have never really paid off.

"A free ticket here and there and maybe $20 once in a while," Jeyakumaran said in a statement. "This win is huge – life-changing.”

The multi-millionaire said on the night of the draw, he used the lotto app to check his ticket, but wasn't really paying attention at the time until he "heard that particular winning sound and I saw a lot of numbers on the screen."

"I double-checked my ticket against the numbers online and when I confirmed my win I was up and jumping,” the man recalled.

As for what he plans to do with this new found fortune? Travel, of course.

“New Zealand and Australia are first on my list.”