Montreal’s new mayor Michael Applebaum says he hopes to restore citizens’ confidence in city hall during his one-year term as the city’s 42nd mayor.

The long-time city councillor was sworn into the position Monday after he was voted in as interim leader by his counterparts last week.

The 49-year-old takes over for former mayor Gerald Tremblay, who quit following allegations that he has turned a blind eye to illegal party funding. Tremblay’s resignation came in the midst in an inquiry into Quebec’s construction industry.

During his swearing-in, Applebaum said he wants to give Montrealers their city back and pledged to erase city hall’s murky passed.

He also said one of his top priorities would be keeping the municipal tax hike to 2.3 per cent, as opposed to the 3.3 per cent that was put forward by Tremblay.

“My decision to get involved in politics and serve the public was also largely inspired by the values that were dear to my father’s heart which he installed in me, such as compassion, helping others, determination and, for sure, hard work,” Applebaum said during the morning ceremony.

Applebaum has served as a city councillor for 18 years and was Tremblay's second-in-command as Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee.

During his time in office, he has also worked as a real estate agent.

Applebaum is Montreal’s first Anglophone mayor since 1910, however, he delivered most of his speech Monday in French.

One of Applebaum’s first moves will be to set up a new executive committee.

The first city council meeting with Applebaum at the helm is scheduled for Monday afternoon.

With a report for CTV Montreal’s Camille Ross