A Saskatoon man plans to file a formal complaint with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission after the city decided to keep seasonal “Merry Christmas” messages on its buses in spite of his criticism.

Ashu Solo raised the issue last December, saying he found the scrolling “Merry Christmas” messages displayed on Saskatoon’s buses in the weeks leading up to the holiday inappropriate and a form of religious discrimination.

After reporting the issue to the city, his complaint was forwarded to the city’s Cultural Diversity and Race Relations Committee for review earlier this month. But after a meeting held on Feb. 14, members of the committee were unable to reach a “definitive position” on the issue, explains a report from the city, and the complaint went a step higher.

Then on Monday, members of Saskatoon’s executive committee decided on not to take further action, meaning the greeting will remain in place for seasons to come.

Solo is also involved in a separate complaint about a Christian prayer that was delivered at a city-sponsored volunteer appreciation banquet held last April.