Mayor of Toronto John Tory, took to Twitter on Saturday, in a comical video to lament the loss of Toronto Raptors star player Kawhi Leonard heading to the Los Angeles Clippers.

“So what’s to say, maybe it was the jacket,” Tory says with a shrug at the start of the video. “Maybe he didn't like the jacket.”

Tory went on to thank Kawhi for “bringing a championship to the city” and for the “inspiration and excitement” he brought to Toronto.

Tory also wished Kawhi “good luck – but not too much” to the athlete and jokingly promised “no mercy” in future games.

Renowned Raptors super fan Nav Bhatia told CTV News Channel on Saturday that he’s “seen trades before,” and he’s not “dropping any tears” on the situation.

“To me, it’s OK, it’s NBA, the business as usual,” Bhatia said. “We have done everything we can, we offered him everything…he was going to be the king of Canada…in the end, we respect his decision.” 

Bhatia said in the meantime he has full faith in Raptors General Manager Masai Ujiri and that the Raptors will have a “great” team next season.

“This was a team win, a team championship…so thank you Kawhi, thank you Danny Green…we [will] move forward with hope and a lot of excitement.”