A Saskatchewan Indigenous woman who was beaten, burned and sexually assaulted in a horrifying 2014 attack has died in hospital.

Marlene Bird, who sometimes lived on the streets of Prince Albert, was attacked so viciously in an alleyway three years ago that she lost some of her vision and both legs.

Those who knew her say she continued to be strong and kind despite the brutality of her injuries.

Connie Farber, who worked with Bird at an Indigenous drum and song program for people in wheelchairs, says she was compassionate, intelligent and caring.

“She amazed me with her strength and her tenacity to keep on going and to fight a battle that I can’t even imagine that she had to fight,” Farber said.

Farber says Bird cursed and pulled pranks, but was also very kind.

“She would’ve given anybody her coat or her last few dollars,” Farber said.

Kim Jonathan from the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations says the Indigenous community won’t forget Bird’s resilience.

“She’s left so much for us to continue to strive for, to be and to work towards,” Johnathan said.

Leslie Black was sentenced in September to 16 years in prison for the attack.

With a report from CTV Prince Albert’s Stephanie Villella