A Manitoba mother whose daughter died while the pair were on a Caribbean vacation last week is back home but still without answers.

Holly Twoheart’s 26-year-old daughter Danielle died in hospital after a mysterious incident at an all-inclusive Dominican Republic hotel. Twoheart recounted the ordeal with reporters at Winnipeg’s Richardson International Airport on Monday.

The mother and daughter had gone out drinking on Thursday, she said, but got separated on the way to bed later that night. Security guards told Twoheart that her daughter ran up ahead of her. Thinking her daughter must have needed the washroom, Twoheart went to sleep. She was woken up a short time later by security guards who said her daughter was seriously injured.

Danielle was lying in the grass outside below a set of balconies, Twoheart said. “I remember looking at her and I was trying to get to her. I said ‘That’s my baby.’ I was screaming. People were holding me back and I was trying to get to her,” she said.

Initially, Twoheart was told that her daughter had jumped, but when she returned to the hotel, the story changed. “When I came back, that’s when they were saying ‘Oh she was dangling. Security said they tried to run and catch her but she fell,” Twoheart told reporters.

In an email to CTV Winnipeg, Global Affairs Canada spokesperson Brittany Fletcher wrote that consular officials are in touch with Dominican authorities to get more information. “Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the Canadian citizen who died in the Dominican Republic,” she wrote.

Twoheart is now focused on bringing her daughter’s body back home for a funeral, so her own daughters can say goodbye.

“I’ve still got to contact their government to bring home my baby,” she said.