A B.C. man accused of killing and eating a potbellied pig he adopted is apologizing and begging the public to stop sending him death threats.

The man says he never intended to kill Molly the pig, which he adopted from the BC SPCA.

In a since-deleted Facebook post, the man claims he only killed Molly after it attempted to break through a glass door, and became aggressive with a dog.

Molly was one of 57 pigs nursed back to health after being seized last year from a Ladysmith, B.C. property. She was adopted in January and the SPCA said it was informed earlier this month that she had been eaten.

The Vancouver Island man claims Molly died humanely and was not killed for fun.

He's asking the public to stop sending deaths threats to both himself and his partner.

"I do feel remorse and regret for my actions, and I would like to ask that people stop sending death threats to me and my partner," he wrote in the post. "If I could pay a fine to make people feel better I would, and I feel like the fact that I was not charged is where a lot of the anger is coming from."

Staff with the SPCA say they are "extremely upset" over the situation, having been led to believe that Molly's adopted owner would keep the pig as a pet. However, there is no law in Canada prohibiting people from eating animals for food if they legally own the animal.

Molly's alleged owner declined an interview request from CTV Vancouver Island.

With a report from CTV News Vancouver Island