A First Nations man who accused two Winnipeg police officers of taking him on a so-called ‘starlight tour’ two years ago has apologized for lying. 

Speaking to police and media at a downtown office, Evan Maud said he regrets making up the story and apologized for tarnishing the officers’ reputations.

Maud, who was charged with public mischief, did not say why he fabricated the story and left the news conference without taking questions from reporters. 

The union representing the Winnipeg Police Association said they accept the apology.

WPA president Mike Sutherland told The Canadian Press earlier that Maud had been involved in a mediation process with Onashowewin, an agency that runs an aboriginal restorative-justice program in the city. 

Sutherland said the WPA had prepared a civil suit against Maud, but said it would be put aside if he made a sincere public apology.

In December 2010, Maud claimed two police officers drove him outside the city limits, stripped him of his coat and forced him to walk home in the frigid cold 

But the allegations quickly unravelled when the police cruiser’s global positioning system showed the vehicle never left the city during the officers’ shift in question. Further evidence came from video surveillance footage from two Winnipeg Transit buses showing Maud boarding a bus after he was stopped by police.

With files from The Canadian Press