The man charged after parachuting into a Calgary field from a lawn chair borne by approximately 120 balloons says he has no regrets.

Daniel Boria, 26, told CTV News Channel he had long wanted to organize a “publicity stunt” to promote his natural cleaning products company.

After he was unable to find anyone else willing to do it, Boria took skydiving lessons, “figured out how many (balloons) it would take to carry somebody, and (multiplied) that by three.”

He called it the “most thrilling experience of my life.”

Calgary residents were thrilled too, when they saw him floating above the Stampede grounds on Sunday evening.

Boria said his aim was to land in the chuckwagon races on Stampede grounds. He floated over his target, but abandoned his parachute plans when the winds became too much to handle. Instead, Boria parachuted into a field south of the Stampede grounds.

Police were less impressed at his stunt, and the fact his abandoned contraption was left to land where the wind blew it.

Calgary Police acting Insp. Kyle Grant said that Boria was lucky no one was hurt by his falling lawn chair.

“Thankfully, his parachute functioned properly and, of course, he wasn’t injured upon landing. But there’s still the question of the chair being up in the air,” Grant said on Monday.

The airborne chair eventually made its way back to Earth 65 kilometres outside the city.

Quinn Leslie, 13, was riding her horse when she spotted something dropping from the sky.

“All of a sudden I saw this colourful thing in the sky, and I was curious about what it was,” Leslie told CTV Calgary.

Leslie and her family tracked the balloon chair with popped balloons and an oxygen tank still attached, then dragged it back to their house.

“It was weird how it came so close to here from Calgary,” Leslie said.

Boria faces one charge of mischief causing danger to life. Police say they are still investigating, and that Boria could still face “aeronautics” charges.

With files from CTV Calgary and The Canadian Press