A storm system heading north from the U.S. is expected to hit parts of Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes later this week, bringing with it large amounts of freezing rain or snow.

Environment Canada issued several weather statements Monday, warning of a "major storm system,” that is expected to hit Toronto and Ottawa on late Tuesday or Wednesday, before passing over Quebec and New Brunswick late Wednesday or Thursday.

CTV Ottawa Weather Anchor J.J. Clarke said early indications suggest the nation’s capital will get about 15 centimetres of the white stuff. However, with temperatures expected to rise above zero Wednesday, it could instead arrive in the form of freezing rain.

The weather agency said the storm will be caused by a low pressure system developing over the southern U.S., which is expected to head north.

"This storm is expected to bring rain and significant snow to some areas, along with the possibility of freezing rain," the statements for southern Ontario said.

In Quebec, snowfall is expected to arrive first, but will transition into freezing rain and then rain by Thursday.

In New Brunswick, the weather agency forecasts snow changing to rain on Wednesday evening. The rain is expected to last through the day on Thursday, and may be heavy in the southwest.

The statement said it is too early to predict the exact path of the storm, so it is not yet known which parts of the provinces will be hit with the heaviest snowfall, or how much precipitation residents can expect.

Environment Canada said the statements will be updated "as the storm system evolves."