A tiny black bear cub separated from its mother has been taken to an Ontario wildlife sanctuary after locals became concerned for its welfare.

The young cub, which Ontario Provincial Police estimated weighed between 15 and 20 lbs, was spotted roaming alone for the past few days through downtown Huntsville, about 230 kilometres north of Toronto.

“It’s been hanging out at a busy intersection,” Constable Jordan Lacroix told CTVNews.ca. 

Concerned citizens called police and expressed worries about the bear’s safety and that of the public.

OPP Sergeant Dave Pinchin tracked down the bear on Saturday morning and was able to corral it into a fenced area, Lacroix said. He then contacted the Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, which specializes in rehabilitating animals in the region. 

While waiting for wildlife officers, the cub appeared to become agitated by an increase in curious onlookers. Sgt. Pinchin was able to safely lift the bear and put it into the back of his cruiser, where it curled up in the back seat. 

The OPP tweeted a picture of the cub being lifted from the snow with the caption: “Not your usual call for service in Huntsville. We R here to serve & protect.”

The cub was transferred to the wildlife sanctuary later in the day.