Police in Quebec are investigating the alleged abduction attempt of a baby on Tuesday.

A mother was walking with her child in a stroller on Marnier Street in Longueuil at 3:45 p.m. when a man allegedly came up behind her and tried to grab the infant.

However, the baby was strapped into the stroller, stopping the alleged would-be kidnapper and allowing the mother time to fight him off.

It is believed the man fled the scene after being kicked and chased away by the woman.

Police believe this may not be a random attack and that the assailant could be known to the baby’s mother.

“Right now the hypothesis is that it might be someone from her entourage,” Longueuil police spokesperson Jean-Pierre Voutsinos told CTV Montreal. “So it’s important for us to tell the folks around here that he wasn’t just trying to grab any baby.”

The man has been described as white, around 35-years-old, with dark hair tied in a ponytail. He is believed to have been dressed in black shorts, a red sweater and a black cap.

Police do not believe Tuesday’s incident is related to a number of recent attempted abductions of young women in nearby Brossard.

Anyone with information is asked to contact 911.