Police in London, Ont. are investigating a disturbing case of animal abuse caught on camera.

Surveillance camera footage obtained by CTV London shows a man punching a dog, dragging it and then kicking it in the head.  The footage was captured on May 17, according to the camera’s timestamp.

Shannon Odendahl also witnessed the incident from her own backyard, when she took her own dog outside.

“It is a picture that you cannot get out of your mind once you’ve seen it,” she told CTV London.

London police Const. Chris Loizides said Sunday that the dog is in a “safe place” now and charges could be pending against the man seen in the video.

“It’s important to fully investigate and find the person accountable for this abuse,” he said.

The video shows a man following a dog outside an apartment complex and punching it behind a bush. Although the bush obscures most of the punching, the man is then seen grabbing the dog by the collar and dragging it up a flight a stairs.  After placing the dog in front of a door, the man kicks it in the head.

“The video is disturbing,” Loizides said.

Odendahl said it took multiple phone calls to animal welfare and police authorities for someone to start investigating the case.

“This has been one of the most frustrating undertakings of my life,” she said.

With reports from CTV London and CTV Kitchener