The Winnipeg Jets have named their new security puppy after one of their oldest and most beloved fans, who was a mainstay at Jets games until he passed away last year.

Through a public vote, fans chose to name the adorable pup “Lenny,” after the Jets’ famed superfan Lenny “Kroppy” Kropioski.

Kropioski, a Winnipeg native and Second World War veteran, died in 2016 at age 98. 

Earlier in the season, Jets season-ticket holders made a list of suggestions for the puppy’s name. The final options that went up for the public vote were Benny, Ducky, Lenny/Kroppy and Scout.

Once the puppy has been fully trained, it will join the Jets’ Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) team. Lenny will be the fifth member of the True North Sports and Entertainment security dog team, which currently consists of Dante, Daisy, Grace and Ryp.