TORONTO -- Lawyers for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have issued legal warnings accusing paparazzi in Canada of tracking Harry and Meghan’s every move.

The legal notice from Schillings International LLP was directed to editors and legal departments of unnamed media outlets on Tuesday, has confirmed.

The warning followed the publication of photographs featuring a beaming Meghan in Victoria, B.C., walking two dogs with Archie in a front-facing baby carrier. Two apparent security guards walked several paces behind her.

The notice states that the Duchess did not consent to her photograph being taken, and denies any implication in media reports that she did. The notice also alleges the paparazzi hid in the bushes to get the photos.

According to Schillings lawyers, who also represent the couple in their lawsuits against British tabloids, photographers previously tracked the couple’s movements and attempted to take pictures of them inside their home.

The notice also raises serious safety concerns and accuses photographers of dangerous driving.