As many as 50 of the fastest sports cars money can buy were pulled over by police on a major southern Ontario highway Sunday after other motorists phoned in complaints, leading to 12 stunt driving charges.

The collection of pricey cars, some of which were hauled away on tow trucks, included Ferraris, Porsches, and AMG Mercedes. One white Lamborghini was decked out in a Royal Canadian Air Force decal, another on the driver-side window read “Let me guess, license and registration?”

“We got reports from witnesses driving up the highways that they were being swarmed by these vehicles, taking up the lanes and really intimidating traffic on the highway,” Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Kerry Schmidt told CTV Toronto.

The group was believed to travelling to the Blue Mountain area near Collingwood, Ont.

The driving caught the attention of other motorists who posted videos of the speeding vehicles on social media.

Several OPP detachments co-ordinated roadblocks on Highway 400 near Barrie, Ont., lying in wait to force the convoy to pull over at a service station. Those who were charged face seven-day driving suspensions and a minimum $2,000 fine.

“We had reports of some speeds over 150. You have to remember that it’s not just speed that stunt driving involves. It can be following too close, like in very close proximity, cutting other vehicles off, multiple lane changes,” said Const. Randal Haddrall.

The drivers facing charges did not want to speak with CTV Toronto on camera. Some feel they were unfairly targeted because of their exotic vehicles, and say they have retained a lawyer to fight the charges.

Schmidt said stunt driving and aggressive driving is a leading cause of death and injury on the road.

“We do not want people using highways as their little playground racetrack,” he said. “Take it to a track if you want to open it up and have fun, but never on a highway like this.

The OPP is asking anyone with video of the rally enthusiasts to contact them.

With a report from CTV Toronto’s Natalie Johnson