A Kitchener, Ont. grandfather is $30 million richer after claiming the Lotto Max prize Thursday.

Ashman Kennedy accepted the cheque in Toronto with his children and grandchildren by his side.

At almost 69 years old, Kennedy said his family will benefit the most from his winnings.

“The kids and my grandchildren are the ones that are going to enjoy it,” said Kennedy, who split Friday’s $60-million jackpot with another winner in Toronto.

“All I tell them (is) ‘do not waste it.’”

When Kennedy first heard the winning numbers, he was convinced he had them wrong. He looked them over again then called his family members before eventually reaching his ex-wife’s husband.

“I said come and check this thing for me. I don’t know if I’m seeing this thing right,” he recalled.

When his ex-wife’s husband arrived, he looked them overand assured Kennedy that they were a match.

“Next thing I know, something good has happened here now,” he said.

Kennedy said he will spend some of the money travelling but most of it will be for the next generations of his family. He said he hopes his grandchildren can “enjoy life to the fullest” and get the best education.