Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at Rob Ford when the Toronto mayor made an appearance on Monday night’s show.

Kimmel showed video clips of the mayor running into a camera and using Jamaican expletives.

At one point, Kimmel used a tissue to dab at Ford’s head.

“You are sweating a lot,” he told the mayor.

Ford, who said he travelled to Los Angeles to promote Toronto as “Hollywood North,” used his television appearance to tout his accomplishments, and lash out at Police Chief Bill Bair, city councillors and media.

Kimmel asked Ford: “Is that a good idea to dare the police chief to arrest you?”

Ford replied that Blair had wasted “millions of dollars following me around.”

The mayor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night with Gonzo, the blue, furry Muppets character.

The headline-grabbing Ford, who is running for re-election later this year, has been the butt of many jokes on a number of late-night television shows after his admission last year that he had smoked crack cocaine.

"He’s my new favourite reality show," Kimmel said shortly after Ford’s comment.

Though the mayor is drawing attention to Toronto, the city’s deputy mayor indicated Ford’s celebrity status may not be a good thing.

“He’s been transformed into a celebrity, and celebrities are celebrated for who they are, not what they are,” Norm Kelly told CP24.

Asked if he thought his invitation to appear on Kimmel's show was an opportunity to make fun of him, Ford said both he and the late-night host are simply doing their jobs.

"Do you really think Jimmy Kimmel is laughing with you, or at you?" CTV’s Los Angeles Bureau Chief Tom Walters asked Ford before the mayor's brief appearance on Kimmel's post-Oscars special.

"You ask Jimmy that. It's his show. He has a job to do that," Ford responded. "And I’m here to sell Toronto."

The mayor spent Sunday promoting his hometown as a destination for tourists and business. He spoke to a number of people, including reporters on the street, telling them about the city's film and tourist industries. Later, he attended the 'Salute to the Stars' after-party following the Oscars show.

According to Ford’s spokesperson, Amin Massoudi, Toronto taxpayers are not paying for the trip to Los Angeles. Massoudi told The Canadian Press that Ford and his brother, Coun. Doug Ford, are paying for the L.A. trip themselves and for the three city hall staffers to be in L.A. Kimmel’s show did, however, cover the cost of one dinner.

The question was raised Monday as Toronto’s code of conduct prohibits both the mayor and councillors from accepting any fees, advances, gifts of personal benefits connected to their occupations.

Councillors criticize the mayor’s motives

Meanwhile, the mayor’s decision to travel to L.A. is generating skepticism at city hall.

"If he got invited to be on Jimmy Kimmel, fine, but what I think is unfortunate is that he is trying to justify it by talking about it as some trumped up trade-mission for the film industry," Coun. Shelley Carroll told CP24 on Monday morning.

"He hasn’t taken the professional staff to deal with that, and he doesn’t even seen to have had a briefing on the film industry in Toronto, other than the price tag."

The Deputy Mayor, who sits on the Toronto Film Board, added: "If that was the prime reason for going down there ... I would have expected him to meet first with the people here that are in the business so he could know who to talk to and what to say when he’s down there."

Coun. Denzil Minnan-Wond told CP24 he doesn’t believe the mayor is invited on late-night shows to promote Toronto at all.

"He was asked so they can focus in and highlight many of the mayor’s problems and faults."

With files from The Canadian Press and CP24