RCMP say no charges will be laid following a brawl in the stands at a minor-league men’s hockey game in rural Saskatchewan, because none of those involved will speak with police.

The incident broke out shortly after the Edam Three Stars defeated the Debden Jets in an 8-2 blowout at an arena in Turtleford, Sask., on Saturday.

Video recorded at the end of the game shows two groups of fans squaring off in the stands. One fan can be seen lunging forward and taking a swing at another, which touched off a larger brawl as more than a dozen other fans joined the fray. Individuals were thrown over benches and several punches were thrown.

Players in the video can be seen gathering at the glass to watch the fight in the stands.

Damon Schaefer, who plays for the Edam Three Stars, says he and some of his teammates had already gone to their dressing room to celebrate when they heard the melee break out.

“Fans are obviously very passionate about their teams,” Schaefer told CTV Saskatoon, adding that that passion needs to be kept in check. “Cheer as much as you want, just keep ‘er civilized I guess,” he said.

Police say alcohol appears to have been a factor in the brawl. However, no charges will be laid because no victims have come forward.

Cpl. Juan Severo, of Turtleford RCMP, said fans are “passionate” about hockey in the community.

“(It was) fans from one team against fans from the other team, and then from what we’ve been led to believe, some of the fans didn’t know who was on what team and it was a free-for-all,” he told CTV Saskatoon.

Arena management says it will no longer serve alcohol when the ice is rented out.

The fight happened at a playoff game in the Provincials Senior D semi-final.

The fight did not affect the outcome of the game, which had already been decided when it occurred.

The Edam Three Stars will take on the Jets again in Debden on March 17.

With files from CTV Saskatoon