A brazen daylight robbery took a strange turn, when it was foiled by the store’s sword-wielding owners.

Security footage from Ashok Jewelers in Mississauga, Ont., shows four men attempting to break into the store around noon on Wednesday

After smashing a window with what appears to be a hammer, one of the robbers crawls in, only to be greeted by the store’s owner -- as well as the owner’s son and brother -- who charge the would-be thief with swords, swinging wildly.

The son of the store’s owner told CTV Toronto that the decision was “spur of the moment.”

“We have to defend ourselves,” he said.

In the video, the robber dives back out of the window, trying to enter once more before he joins three others and they retreat to a nearby Dodge Durango and drive away – successfully thwarted.

But video from another angle shows just how lucky the defenders were, as one of the robbers draws what appears to be a handgun and motions as if trying to shoot, but it seemingly fails to fire.

Police say that an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

While this is the first time Ashok Jewelers has been robbed, the incident is reminiscent of an attempted robbery that took place just down the road.

Back in July, thieves rammed a van into the front of New Rana Jewelers in a smash-and-grab style robbery attempt, only to be chased off when the owner grabbed a sword.

While the swords seemingly served as an effective deterrent this time, police say they don’t recommend the tactic.

“We're definitely not pro-violence in regards to this particular circumstance,” Const. Danny Marttini said. “But at the same time we are fortunate that there were no injuries and everyone is still OK.”

She says that in a case like this, anyone who chooses to try to fight an intruder may face charges if their actions are seen as excessive.

Back at Ashok Jewelers, it was business as usual today, with only a broken window left as a reminder that anything had happened.

As for the swords, the owners say they’re being kept safely in storage.

With a report from CTV Toronto’s Sean Leathong