Residents in an Edmonton neighbourhood are expressing concern about a pair of pit bulls that escaped from their enclosure and have been returned home after their owners paid a $700 fine.

Kenneth William Grunwell says the pit bulls’ owners recently moved into a house down the block from him. On Sunday morning, the two dogs escaped the backyard and ran loose in the neighbourhood.

“I would like to not spend the rest of my days having to consciously think about whether those dogs are free or not or whether I’m safe in my own home,” he told CTV Edmonton on Monday.

Grunwell said the dogs were “viciously chasing” pedestrians up and down the sidewalk before he called police. Animal control officers responded and were able to secure the dogs after a difficult struggle. One of the dogs even had to be Tasered before officers were able to load it into a truck.

“It’s not the dogs’ fault,” Grunwell said. “It’s the owners’ fault.”

Keith Scott, Co-ordinator with the city’s Community Standards Peace Officer Section, explained that the male dog only became agitated when an animal control officer caught the female.

“It was aggressive once the officer got control of the female then it looked to protect the female from the officer,” he said.

Grunwell said he was surprised to see the dogs back in the neighbours’ yard again soon after their capture.

“How much money did we pay for that? Us taxpayers pay. That's got to be a couple thousand dollars, yet they can go and pay a $500 fine and put their dogs back in the cage and then walk away again?” he said. “This is ridiculous.”

Scott said in this particular case, animal control officers visited the property, spoke to the owners, and issued a $700 fine because the dogs were found on the loose and weren’t licensed.

The City of Edmonton is also set to launch an educational campaign to teach dog owners how to secure their pets correctly, Scott said.

With a report from CTV Edmonton’s Nicole Weisberg